MY Parliament

My Parliament is an effort to bridge the gap between policy makers of today with those of tomorrow. Our aim is to transform India into a participative democracy and hence we chose to start from the grass root level – the youth of India. Through numerous seminars, workshops, simulated parliamentary debates on bills and policy making and interaction with public authorities, we get enthusiastic youth of today to understand know-how’s of policy making.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve as a bridge of ideas between the decision makers of today and the passionate leaders of tomorrow by providing the youth with greater opportunities which would help them make meaningful contribution to the process of nation building.


We envision an India where each and every individual is a responsible and participating citizen who is guided by the values of democracy and constitution.


To foster an environment for active participation of youth in democracy and to create a platform for citizen engagement in governance.


So far, MY Parliament has transformed more than 10,000 young individuals by providing them with an exposure to governance and public policy in the country.