Budget Session 2017

We welcome your application for MY Parliament Budget Session 2017.

Democracy today is taking leaps and strides towards reaching the people of the world. The governance structures of the world are changing, transitions are being made towards freedom of press, emergence of the civil society and awareness of citizen participation. In this vibrant scenario, MY Parliament stays committed to its aim of making youth participation the cornerstone of a rising India and the upcoming Budget Session has been modelled with this objective.

MY Parliament Budget Session simulation is an attempt to make voices heard, to shape opinions within the framework of parliamentary processes and deliberate upon solutions through the lens of the Indian Constitution. MY Parliamentarians will get an opportunity to get acquainted with basic Parliamentary procedures, their translation in legislative parlance and application in the political system. Along with the simulation of the Parliamentary process in the Lok Sabha, there will be debates, panel discussions and Policy Dialogues.

MY Parliament has been conducting such simulations for past two years and we intend to take forward this concept with greater vigor and detail in this Budget Session.

It is strictly recommended to go through the Manual before filling the form

Manual for MY Parliament Budget Session 2017

Please Note :

The aim of this application is to judge your ability to become a genuine policy - maker. Please fill in the application form honestly.

You are requested to support your answers with appropriate data!

Your form will go through a stringent, pre-designed selection process. To improve your chances of selection, answer all the questions carefully and in detail. Submit your application well in advance from the last date, to improve your chances of selection.

Deadline – 21st March, 2017



What is MY Parliament Budget Session 2017?

MY Parliament Budget Session 2017 is a two-day simulation of Parliament discussing issues of national importance with a focus on Bills to be discussed in the Union Parliament.

  • Policy Dialogue and Training Session with experts in public policy and governance
  • Simulation: 7 hours Lok Sabha Session
  • Simulation of Standing Committee Meetings
  • Panel Discussion with Eminent Personalities

Where and when will MY Parliament Budget Session be conducted?

MY Parliament Session will be held in New Delhi on 24th – 26th March, 2017.


What skills, background, or technical experience do I need to participate in MY Parliament Budget Session?

No specific skills, background, or technical experience are necessary to be eligible. Commitment to service and helping others; ability to work well in a collaborative environment; aptitude for leadership; good communication skills; humility and adaptability and a keen interest about governance and public policy are the skills which we look for in a candidate.


If selected, what do I need to do?

Once selected, you will be requested to confirm your presence by making the payment of Rs.3000 through link provided in the email. Due to limited seats, it is requested to make online payment, as soon as you can.


What does the selection process for qualifying as a MY Parliament Minister involve?

For Member of Parliament Minister, the selection process will involve: Submission of online application and rigorous screening by our selection team. Based on the merit of the application, one might get an interview call. For any of the ministerial position selection process involves:

  1. Short listing of applications by selection committee
  2. Telephonic Interview for shortlisted candidates
  3. Announcement of candidates selected for ministerial positions

How much time commitment does it require?

Session requires the fellows to commit themselves for 3 days completely. On all the three days, session will begin at 9 am till 7 pm.


Will I be required to go somewhere for counselling sessions as preparatory modules before the actual session which will be held on 24th and 26th March 2017?

No. You need not attend the counselling sessions in physical. You can attend them online and even access them later through recorded videos. Duration would typically long anywhere between 1-3 hours for these sessions.


When will the pre-event training webinars/hangouts begin?

Pre-event training would begin from 20th February 2017.


Does MY Parliament take care of Food and Accommodation?

Lunch for all three days is included in the registration fee. MY Parliament also can provide accommodation on a need basis, for which extra fees of Rs700/day needs to be submitted at the time of making payment


For further queries, whom should I contact?

In case of more queries, you can contact our team at 8130697980. You can also mail us at connect@myparliament.com. Also, you can message us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Modelyouthparliament/