What is it?

MY Parliament simulations are educational simulation of Indian Parliament in which the youth learn about how parliament works and how the bills are debated, passed and laws made. This enables not just a theoretical understanding of the way the parliament works, but a practical insightful understanding of how the parliamentary process can be used to attain relevant goals.

Past Events

Monsoon Session - Model Youth Parliament 2016 – New Delhi

A three-day simulation of monsoon session of Indian Parliament was called upon in New Delhi where more than 100 young minds engaged in the discussions around issues of national importance.

The monsoon session simulation at My Parliament was unfolded in a format similar to the Lok Sabha. Discussions centered around to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Second Amendment) Bill, 2015 and a Draft Bill on Passive Euthanasia. A series of workshops, training sessions, and discussions a part of a mouth-long awareness campaign were conducted in partnership with center for civil society organization and PRS Legislative Research to disseminate information about various aspects of Public Policy in India.


Budget Session - Model Youth Parliament 2016 – New Delhi

Many of us are inhibited by the technicalities of the budget session that take place every year. We, as citizens are often unable to participate in the making of our country’s budget even when we are important stakeholders of the economy. Keeping this very visible gap in mind, MY Parliament conducted a simulated budget session 2016-17 with young representatives from all over the country.

This session of MY Parliament 2016 was held at New Delhi with Major General Dilawar Singh as the chief-guest of the event. With more than 200 young and dynamic participants, the simulated budget session saw passionate debates around the way citizens would like their money allocated. Several ministries such as Agriculture, Corporate Affairs, Women and Child Development, Human Resource Development and Rural Affairs were formed to debate the fiscal budget.


Budget Session – Model Youth Parliament 2015 – IIM Lucknow

MY Parliament conducted a simulation of Budget Session for youth in the age group of 18-30 years so that they too would get actively informed and involved about the Budget Session and the legislation around it.

MY Parliament – A platform for youth to promote participatory budgeting

The Union Budget, which is a yearly affair, is a comprehensive display of the Government's finances . Inspite of the significance of the event the entire process is exclusive and secretive in nature. The extremely complicated and technical nature of the budget-making process and documents does not allow citizens to participate, to have any say in it or to monitor the process. Keeping this very problem in mind MY Parliament conducted a simulation of budget session amongst a few selected youth. The event was an attempt on the part of MY Parliament to raise awareness and encourage a constructive debate on budget 2014-2015 which hitherto had been largely restricted to TV debates, Parliament and few selected clubs.

Policy Workshop and Training – Understanding the Union Budget

A week long online training program was conducted for the selected participants where they were provided with a precise and clear understanding of how the budget is made, what are the various inputs which go into its making and how it impacts the common man of the country.

Simulation of Parliament discussing the Union Budget

The online training program was followed by a two day event. The first leg of the event was conducted at AMITY University, Lucknow where the participants were introduced to various parliamentary procedures, concept of standing committees etc. The simulation event was conducted at IIM Lucknow and witnessed a participation of close to 100 enthusiastic young minds who had gone through even the minutest details of the budget.

The simulation event was conducted at IIM Lucknow and witnessed a participation of close to 100 enthusiastic young minds who had gone through even the minutest details of the budget.

Model Youth Parliament 2014 – New Delhi

MY Parliament took its first flight on 27th September 2014 at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra (International Youth Centre), New Delhi. This two day event witnessed intense policy debates on Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Bill and three other bills of national importance; The Lokpal Draft Bill, Food Security Bill and The Protection of Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill.

The kick-off happened on 26th September with a comprehensive policy workshop, which was attended by 50 participants and public policy experts such as the CCS and PRS legislative.

Esteemed guests such as Former Member of National Advisory Council Shri Harsh Mander, former member of CCI and political activist Shri Manish Sisodiya, and prominent media personality Shri Rajat Sharma were kind enough to attend the event. The program was also graced by the presence of top policy makers, bureaucrats, social activists and current Members of the Parliament.