What is MY Parliament Fellowship ?

MY Parliament Fellowship is a 4 months course in public policy and governance (Theory and Experiential Learning).

MY Parliament Fellowship is an opportunity for promising graduates and young working professionals to engage themselves in the policy making process and contribute to a better India. It is a platform for the change makers of tomorrow to get a holistic understanding and experiential learning of governance and public policy.

The fellowship aims at transforming the citizens from passive recipients to active participants in a democracy.

The fellowship is a unique initiative that allows the fellows to interact and learn from various policy think tanks, policy professionals and practitioners from around the world. Subsequently they would be assigned to work on live projects in a selected constituency under the guidance of the respective MPs .

Programs Offered

The full time programme requires a fellow to be actively associated with the course for a minimum duration of 4 months. It is an in house resident programme which includes in depth training as well as association with a mentor with whom they get a chance to work around policy implementation and governance.

Along with the full time programme, a part time model is also offered for the people who are enthusiastic about policy making and governance but have time constraints. The part time programme requires a minimum of 3 weeks of participation with at least 8 hours a day of lecture series and training which can be accessed either online or as a resident fellow for the same duration.