Initiatives - ( Third - Box Internship )

20TH JUNE, 2016 – 30TH JULY 2016

MY Parliament invited applications for an engaging and exciting internship opportunity. The six-week internship program was an opportunity for young people to join the march towards grassroots democracy. The internship commenced on 20th June, 2016 and ended by 30th July, 2016. We offered a holistic learning experience in governance, enabling our interns to directly engage with members of parliament. The internship program provided interns with valuable training in areas of research, analysis, writing, and critical thinking.

MY Parliament believes that the youth of our country has the potential to bring about positive change. The prevalence of rampant corruption has made politics and its processes unattractive to many ordinary citizens. We believe that the time has come to proactively engage the youth in the building of a better future. To do away with all forms of discrimination and encourage an informed citizenry to become vigilant stakeholders in the running of the government, we came forward with this program. It is therefore our collective responsibility to groom promising young citizens to understand the working of the government and policy making.

The interns were responsible for extensive research and collection of data on various parliamentary bills and as well as legislative matters. After a rigorous process interns were selected and after the Monsoon Session 2016, a report was up and presented. The internship ended with a good note and this is what the interns had to say about their experience with us: